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Making Data Plan more enjoyable to the customers

Its been 2 years when when i start to use koodo, i have 500mb data plan for 1 month sometimes i exceed the plan but most of the time i didnt, so i have an idea that what if the customers didnt use their data plan for 1 month it will be carried over to the next month or add it to the next month, like keep on adding but there is a limit. If the customer reach 5 gig it will stop or what ever you want., or if its to much maybe the half of the remaining data plan can be added to the next month. This is a win-win basis. You satisfy the customer and you can prove that koodo is the best.. Thank you..

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I think it's a great idea, after all, you paid for it so why shouldn't it be carried over. Same with pay as you go.
You bet, we paid for the data plan so we should enjoy using it, sometimes we use to much data if we are traveling but if we just stay in the house or office we are not using the data. And it will help also if there is emergency happened.