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Major billing error! >:(

  • 20 December 2017
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When paying my bill of CAD163.85 through Koodo Online Self Serve, I have encountered a problem. It kept giving me that there was an error and I had to try again. After trying 3 times in a row, it appears the payment went through 3 times although it kept giving me the error message!

It was not until I logged into my bank account to see if the payment had regardlessly gone through that I saw it charged me CAD163.85 as 3 separate transactions in a row! Instead of paying CAD163.85 I was charged CAD491.55!!!! Unbelievable!

To make things even more fun, I went to the  Koodo store on the 19th of December (yesterday) to see if they can help me, but they said I would have to call customer service. Apparently, customer service is also very busy because of some offer for 10GB so they told me to call on the 20th... So today (the 20th) I have been on hold with customer service for 1 hour and 26 minutes and counting. 

This is the first and most major inexperience I have had with Koodo! 

2 replies

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You just needed customer service at the wrong time i guess! It's unfortunate they're so backed up though, I agree.
You could also send them a pm via facebook if you'd like although I assume you would've gotten through by now.
I sent a PM to them on twitter and fb, not one response. Also after 1 hour and 30 mins on the phone, I was blessed to be answered by a customer service representative.  He said there was nothing he can do... Excellent! I called my bank and they said they can try helping to resolve the problem and getting my money back by blaming Koodo for a faulty online system and getting me refunds...