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LTE connectivity issues

I have an iPhone 5 and I have not been having any LTE connectivity issues up until today. My phone says "no service" and then searches, and only connects to 3G. I flip the LTE switch off and it remains connected to 3G, as expected. However, when I flip the LTE switch on again, it says no service, as if there is a problem with LTE on the cell tower itself. I normally have 4 bars LTE where I am. Yes, I've reset my network settings and rebooted my device. If I venture out of town I get LTE, so I know it's not a problem with my device's antenna. Area of concern is Orangeville, ON.

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Put your phone on airplane mode for a few seconds. Let me know if that works.
Didn't work. Just defaults back to 3G as if there's not even an LTE signal available.
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Hey there Chris. Maybe the tower is actually down for the moment. You could even try closing your phone and let it closed for a while and then open it back.
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There likely is a problem with the tower itself, but try going settings, general, rest, and choose reset network settings (this will only delete your wifi networks from the phones memory, no other data will be lost). If this doesn't work your best bet is to call in. If there's an issue with the tower they can log it and attempt to fix it.
having exactly the same issue for the past couple days, more often does not connect to LTE, tries to connect, drops data then just reverts back to 4G.......keeps doing this over and over. Turning of LTE fixes the problem and stays on 4G. I'm in woodbridge, LTE has always worked until the past couple days.
Still having trouble today. I contacted Telus since they're open (and it's the same network) and they said they don't see any reported outages and they can't further check into it since I'm a Koodo client (understandable).
for me this started last friday.
So why not contact koodo? They are open today as well - and they would be able to check into things since you are a koodo client.
seems like everything is back to normal, LTE working fine.
DannyG wrote:

seems like everything is back to normal, LTE working fine.

Yup, looking good today.
Are there often LTE outages? I just signed up yesterday and have been seeing really low signal strength in the downtown core.