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Low functioning customer service reps. Rude. Rude. Did I say, rude?

I am appalled at the customer service I received at the Eglinton Square Koodo kiosk. The person working was not friendly and when I called back to ask a question about activating my online account for my daugher, this person screened my calls. He refused to answer my calls or respond to my voice message. I then used my husband's phone number to call and of course he answered. Pathetic. I may have a short relationship with Koodo after experiencing this... Not impressed. Pathetic customer service.

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Or they were busy helping someone who was actually at the kiosk and had a moment free when you called from another number. Correlation does not imply causation. For any retail location phone calls are secondary to helping customers who are there in person.
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So, you called kiosk rep "Rude" 3 times and "Pathetic" because he didn't answer your phone?
What made you think he refused your call? Maybe they were busy at that time as Timo mentioned. 
Sorry to say this, but I don't know who is rude here...
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"Commissions" with a live customer on the spot will always rule over your "important" general questions at any store. It's a fact of life. The *611 people are paid to answer those.

I'm not an employee, have experienced what you have been thru. It's not fun, but you get better results dealing with the people who can actually help you directly.
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these are 3 star answers each
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Sometimes, Even Koodo gets it wrong. When ppl Telus their stores, Telus may Truly understand.