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Lots of little data usage all night

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Hello 🙂

I'm noticing a lot of little data usage during the night.  every hour or so, it'll take 0.01mb from my plan.  I'm connected to wifi.  I tried checking wifi settings to see if it was going to sleep, but I couldn't find any settings like that in wifi.

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iPhones like to eat data. When the screen's off, the phone usually prefers the data connection signal if WiFi is weaker. A simple solution is to just turn your data off and keep WiFi on when you're at home. That way no leakage occurs.
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In my experience, if you charge your phone overnight, the phone is less likely to switch to data, but rather stay on Wi-Fi. This may be because my charging point is near my router, so YMMV.

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.10 mb sounds like the WiFi signal drops and data takes over. Best data saving practice is to keep data off until absolutely necessary.