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Lost my sim card in a foreign country

Hi; I am on a monthly Koodo plan, and I have just lost my sim card in a foreign country. I will only be back to Canada in another 2-3 months. Can I order a replacement SIM card online, and if so, can I keep my current number?

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I doubt koodo can send SIM cards outside the country...

You could tell a friend or family to ship it to you
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Hey Estha, I would go to your Koodo Self-serve and suspend your account while you are waiting for a replacement sim. Just as Robert suggested, you can ask one of your friends or family to buy you a SIM card and they can ship one to you.
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Yes you can keep your number no problem. Be sure to report it stolen ASAP via self-serve so you do t get hit with hefty roaming fees. It'll lock out usage (you'll still pay the regular monthly amount) until you can get a replacement Sim.