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Lost iPhone, need IMEI/SIM number

Hi, I'm traveling in London and I think I lost my iphone 4s in a Tube station. In order to report on the London transport website I need either the IMEI or the SIM card numbers. How can I find this?

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Unfortunately, can't offer you specific help here. We're users like you and have no access to any account information. Phone is 1-866-995-6636 (may work thru Skype) or internationally 647-788-4337. Your best bet may be the secure email form. If there is no entry that suits your case, choosing "social media" has been mentioned asa way to grab attention sooner: https://secure.koodomobile.com/accoun... Without stating the obvious, make sure you mention your circumstances and your loss, and consider changing your important passwords immediately. Good luck.
if you have it tied to a icloud account it will show the required info in there also
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It is on the box of the iPhone