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Lost iphone

I have 1 year remaining in my 3 year contract with koodo. I lost my iPhone in whistler last night and am in need of a new one now. What are my options for purchasing a new one? How much are the iPhone 4s or 5s phones? Is there a way to get a deal on the phone through my plan or would it be cheaper to purchase the phone through apple?

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I'm pretty sure everyone on the 3 year iphone contracts were moved to a tab. (not 100% sure so let's wait for someone to clarify) So if you are now on a tab, you can pay off what's remaining on your tab then use either tab s or if your plan is over $30, you can use tab M which has a $5 monthly tab charge. The tab will automatically clear after 2 years once you upgrade, Tab S $150 off price of phone Tab M $300 off price of phone The iphone 4s is currently 450 The iphone 5s is currently 725 ALSO go into selfserve>mobile phone>lost phone or suspension?>suspend service That way the thief can't use your cell service and get you a massive bill.
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I'm pretty confident you are right Daniel. It's easy to check though Taylor. Log in to self serve and you should now see a tab amount of less than 150. You should also suspend your phone online and click on the button that will put your phone on a special list so whoever finds it will not be able to use on with any phone company.