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Lost iPhone 5 with Koodo service - who is the owner?

I have found an iPhone 5 that was dropped on my front lawn. I'd like to track down the owner. I believe the have Koodo mobile service. I have the IMEI # on the back of the phone. Can you track down the owner with this number? Thanks!

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Hi Steve, Your best bet would probably be to call Koodo: 1 (866) 995-663 and see if they will give you a name or something (which is unlikely due to privacy) but they might have another phone number on the account they can call to get you two in touch. The owner may also try to call the iPhone. Thanks for actually trying to find the owner and not keeping the phone for youself! Very kind of you!
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If a Koodo boutique is handy, turn it in there. They should be in a position to contact the owner directly thru billing or account information. Thanks for doing the right thing.
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Hi Steve,

What you can do is to visit a Koodo store nearby (http://koo.do/IVOQTV). A rep will be able to get in touch with the owner of the iPhone 5. 

Thank you very much Steve! We are sure that the owner will be grateful 🙂.