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Looking at an iphone that is unlocked for GSM carriers and wonderinng if it will work on Koodo's network.

Wondering if an unlocked iphone 5S will work with Koodo?  It notes that is is Unlocked for all GSM carriers, including:
  • Mobilicity: 3G frequencies AWS (1700MHz, 2100MHz)
  • MTS Mobility: 3G frequencies (850MHz, 1900MHz)
  • Rodgers: 3G frequencies (850MHz, 1900MHz; LTE Frequencies AWS (1700MHz, 2100MHz), 2600MHz
  • Sasktel: 3G frequencies: 850MHz, 1900MHz / LTE Frequencies: AWS (1700MHz, 2100MHz), 2600MHz
  • Telus Mobility: 3G frequencies: 850MHz, 1900MHz / LTE Frequencies: AWS (1700MHz, 2100MHz)
Any information would be greatly appreciated!! 

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Yes. As long as the iPhone shows 850/1900 MHz (3G) and 4G, 1700/2100 MHz (AWS), the phone is compatible with Koodo's networks. The frequencies listed are standard for operation in Canada, although MTS appears to be missing 4G LTE. Koodo is a subsidiary of TELUS and operates on the same radio frequencies as its' parent company.
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If it works with Telus, it should work with Koodo! They have the same network.