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Long Distance charges even though in the same city

A couple of my friends just moved to my city who are from Toronto and their cellphones have 416 or 647 area codes. I just realized that when I call them, even though they are only a few km away, I am being charged for a long distance phone call. Is there anyway to prevent this?

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Hi, the calling rates between you and other person are calculated based on your area code and them, not the actual distance between you two.

You could ask them to change their phone number to a local one, or you could add some long-distance minutes to your account. That will help.
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Other way is get them to call you.
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Victoria, what city are you calling from?  Like Azure said, if the 416/647 area codes are long distance from your area (and if you're not on a Canada-wide calling plan), then you will incur long distance charges.  Personally  I wouldn't suggest to them to change their phone numbers, as they likely have a lot of friends who have their 416/647 numbers in their contacts.  I would suggest getting a Canada-wide plan like Azure said, or text them and ask them to call you, like Ry said.