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Long distance calling to the UK

  • 19 January 2015
  • 3 replies

I make a lot of calls to the UK, at least once a day, will getting the $60 a month plan with unlimited Anytime minutes combined with the "U.K. Unlimited: From within Canada to U.K." add on allow me to call to the UK without any charge?

3 replies

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Not if you have the "Canada to the U.K" Add-on. Like mentioned above by Chad. He also quoted the details of said add-on in his response above.
And I won't be charged the 50 cents a minute for every minute I'm on the phone?
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Yes, with an unlimited Canada wide plan and this add on, you can call the UK for no additional charges. Enjoy worry-free international long distance service from within Canada to the U.K. by adding this add-on to any of our unlimited Canada-wide plans. Anytime minutes apply on all other Canada-wide plans. Restrictions: Not available in Manitoba Restrictions: Not available in Manitoba.