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Line blocking

  • 1 April 2019
  • 3 replies

What is permanent line blocking. I have a persistant caller i dont want so i block them. They just block their number and get through anyway. I would love to be able to permanently block their number so they cannot possibly get through. Is this possible

3 replies

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It is really difficult to block a caller who's number is not reported to the carrier. If you know who this person is, contacting your local police about harassment charges might be appropriate.
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Another option is to change your number. Either way is a hassle and not fun to deal with.

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Another extreme possibility is to port your number over to a full-featured VoIP service such as CallCentric then have your calls conditionally forwarded to your new mobile number or blocked with an out-of-service message. This has the advantage of letting existing desirable contacts continue to reach you seamlessly.

You can also use the VoIP service to make long distance calls throughout North America at no surcharge.

Would probably cost you about $10 extra a month, but your Koodo plan would have to change to something currently available when you port out.