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Leaving country, how long before can I organize pause

Hi, I'm leaving the country or a few weeks, and I know you can pause your account as detailed by the help page here:
Question is, when do I need to call in and ask them to pause it by?  We're leaving November 3rd

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I would call in the day before you are leaving to prevent any issues or errors.

How long are you leaving for?  This is only worth while if you are gone for multiple months
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You can call in any time, the day before is fine but you're better off calling a few days in advance to make sure you reach them. They can plan it in for you :) 

You are aware that you can't go back to your old plan if that plan is no longer available after you come back, right? You will have to pick one of the then available plans. I'd strongly suggest if you are only leaving for a few weeks, to leave your plan the way it is and not bother, but it's your choice.