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Koodo wont accept my payment on app or self-serve

  • 11 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I am out of the country and just am paying $15/month to keep my number active. I have paid before here but now for weeks I can't pay through the app OR self serve. I also cannot pay via phone as I cannot call Canada from here. I am heading into an area in 6 days where I wont have wifi or internet for 6 weeks so I need to get this sorted ASAP. My visa card is not expired and my address and everything on the card has not changed. Please help

2 replies

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Send a private message to Koodo on their Facebook page.

Nobody regularly on this board has any access to your personal account details.
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Hi Jordan, are you able to provide screen shots of the message that you're getting when you try to pay? You may want to contact your bank if your card is not expired and if details on your Koodo account and credit card are the same.