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Koodo, why can't I change my address so I can get a new phone mailed to me?!?!?!?

Trying to order a new phone with a new Tab.... Koodo wont let me change my mailing address online................???? How are you going to send me a new phone if you dont have my correct address....
Called Koodo, the person was NO help whatsoever..

Not sure what im supposed to do, Terrible customer service so far..

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This may be due to various factors...we might have too little information to provide a complete answer.
1. If you have not received your first bill yet, then you can't change your billing address until you receive your first bill.
2. If you're experiencing difficulties changing your billing address due to Koodo's system trying to match your address with Canada Post, then the only way to remedy this would be by calling 866-99-KOODO to have customer service fix it for you.
3. Another option would be to go to a Koodo kiosk or dealer instead of ordering the phone on a tab online.
4. If you started a tab within the last 90 days, the system won't allow you to upgrade yet, which would require calling in to accommodate this (nothing to do with your billing address).
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There's a lot of customers having a problem changing adresses recently. Koodo's working on a fix. Give them a call so they can change it for you. There isn't going to be any charge.