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Koodo Virtual Assistant - major problems

  • 9 April 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi there, I am completely fed up with Koodo Virtual Assistant. A few weeks ago, I tried to book a call back multiple times, and each time it "called me back" it went directly to voicemail. I then sent Koodo a note via Self Serve in regards to an unnecessary roaming charge in the UK, and have received no response. Today, I tried booking a call with virtual assistant to call me today at 11:30, and did not receive any call at all. Seriously?! I have been with Koodo for many years because the customer service was great, and now this is seriously making me reconsider. Please address this Koodo!

2 replies

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A recent customer with similar problem had blocked Koodo’s number. Make sure you have not done so. You can also connect with Koodo through their Facebook and Twitter presence.
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Try booking a call to a different number and see if that works.

Also how do you send a note to koodo via self serve?

If you are willing, do you mind sharing what happened with your UK roaming charges?