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Koodo shut off phone despite payment arrangment

I called Koodo the other day to speak directly to a customer service agent about making a payment arrangement for the 31st. The lady who I spoke to didn't speak English very well but at the end of the conversation she convinced that the arrangement was successful and would protect my account from getting shut off before then. Today my services were cut off and I did not realize it until after their calling center was closed so now I have to wait until tomorrow to try to fix this issue. Will I still be charged the reactivation fee even though the mistake was not on my end? And will they even restore my services without a payment now? I've been with Koodo for 5 years and I've never had an issue with payment arrangements not protecting my account so I am confused right now.

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Hey Crys! I see that your service got reactivated.  Thanks for your patience!
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Everything should go fine when you explain them the situation tomorrow. You shouldn't have trouble but we can not predict the future. I hope your reactivation will be hassle free!