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Koodo self serve is garbage

I went to register a sim card on my mom's phone, and I 100% guarantee I clicked on her account number, yet it changed it in the drop down tab on the "change mobile phone" screen, and I ended up registering the sim card to my dad's phone number since they have the same phones and I didn't think it would switch phone numbers. I know there's nothing I can do to fix it, but I'm frustrated I have to spend 10 more dollars on something that isn't my fault. 

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Hello Michelle,

It's very unfortunates, but if you really want to dispute the charges you could go try in-store. Here, on the forum we can'T help you with that kind of things.
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This is a great point.  I have had the same thing happen before too, but I caught it in time.

What is going on, is you select the line you want to make changes (on the new self serve).  When you select the change you want to make, the screen goes to the old self serve, which sorts the lines on the account in it's own way, so you may end up making changes to the wrong account.

I will also flag this idea with our Koodo contact as well.

With respect to your specific situation, I recommend contacting Koodo via private message on facebook or twitter, and see if they would credit you for the error.