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koodo refuses to mail me out an iphone 4s even though im already on a koodo plan

how do i get an iphone 4s from koodo when your small town stores that are koodo dealers dont have the iphone 4s . i called koodo at *611 talked to a manager and was told they cant mail it out to me. so i guess koodo just doesnt want to sell the iphone 4s phones at all.

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The stores should able to just... order them. I can't really comment on why they don't have them available. You might want to bring that up to their attention. However, iPhones aren't available online/shipping with Koodo. Can't tell you why but that's their policy.
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I feel your pain, Davida! I live in a tiny town too and in order to buy a phone, I'd have to travel 100 km to the nearest town! I'm sure Koodo wants to sell the phone but as Jonathan said, it's their policy that they don't ship iPhones for whatever reason. Can you order it from Apple directly perhaps? Of course you couldn't order it on the Tab but then you could apply for a 10% discount instead... just a thought.
thank u Sophia i have desided to wait till next month when i have a friend to drive me then go to the koodo store an hour away to get the iphone. Davida