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Koodo network time wrong in ontario

I'm in Ontario and it seems that the Koodo network time when my phone is set to 'sync to the network' is 2 minutes fast compared to the rest of the world. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I use Google Authenticator for 2FA and if the time is not correct, then you have to use expired one time passwords to log in.

I saw a thread on this forum that this problem arose 3 years ago, was then fixed but seems to have returned:

Please enable NTP on your servers so this doesn't keep happening.

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I'm in Ontario and my Koodo time matches world time exactly.
What phone do you have?

iPhone 6.

Odd I have a friend in Alberta who also has the correct time, which is why I specified the province.
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Maybe its an area thing.  I'm in London area.

KW here, maybe it's a tower that's not correctly synced? I'll try turning it on again when I'm connected to a different tower later today.