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koodo is in bed with the collections company

  • 26 August 2019
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I was sent to collections for a closed account that was for my daughter. When she turned 19, I signed off of her account and passed it on to her. We paid the balance owning and switched it over just to find out to my surprise that 3 months later I have a collections letter for 108$$ I didn't even know I owed. Never received an email, letter in the mail or phone call just straight to collections!! How can something go to collections when you are never informed??? Absolute bullshit they are scammers, screwing good customers over!! I never missed a payment, my daughter is responsible too this is absolute crap! DO NOT GET A PHONE WITH KOODO THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!

5 replies

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So the account is still open and your daughter has ownership of it right now?

Is her account in good standing?
No she closed the account recently and paid anything owing.
We were never contacted for anything owing, in fact I thought when I first received the collection notice that it was a scam.
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You should call Koodo to find out what is outstanding. When she closes the account, was there terms in the contract on early termination? Was there extra data overage charge when she close?

Name calling does not make the problem go away.

Samething happening to me right now. Saying I owe 240 something on a phone I lost, paid off and not using their services. Store I bought new phone said they were going to cancel like all others did but then get a letter from collection without notice from kodoo. Call kodoo they say it's in suspension can't help me. Can't even tell me where the 240 dollars came from. Said maybe it was outstanding on my phone I laughed and told him I checked my account when I lost my phone, the month's payment I was about to make was the last payment on the phone. Wouldn't transfer me to someone that could help. Wouldn't transfer me to a Canadian representative. Just useless kodoo is.