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Koodo Data Usage Doesn't Match iPhone Usage

So I just got a new iPhone, and I began using it with a prepaid Koodo account yesterday. I've been at home since I got the new phone, and according to my iPhone usage data I've only used less than 1MB of data. However, I checked the prepaid Koodo self serve website, and it's saying I've used over 15MB? Should I call customer service to ask about this?

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Now that I checked again, it's saying I used 9MB on the self serve website? I haven't been using cellular data on my phone at all, I've been using my home wifi the whole time.
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If you just got the iphone and you have not used another phone to use the data then I would trust what the iPhone says and I would call Koodo to ask what's up. Take a screen shot of the iphone with the stated data usage as proof is required later along with a screen shot of when the data indicator was reset. *611 on your koodo cell. It's a free call
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Are you sure you have nothing that is using data in the background? You can disable data use for certain applications on your iPhone in the settings app. You can always call *611 on your Koodo cell to talk to Customer Care or send an email disputing something.