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Koodo coverage in Manitoba outside Winnipeg and the TransCanada highway

I have an iPhone 4s on Koodo...when I went to Dauphin last year, the phone didn't work - voice or data. Can I expect the same this year? This is really my only complaint with Koodo, but it's a big one and may be the reason that I eventually switch over to Rogers...

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MTS signed a deal with Rogers giving them exclusive access to their towers. Anyone else has to build their own, which cost an average of $150,000 apiece and cover a maximum of about 23 miles. It's going to take a while.
Meanwhile, I keep earing complain from the big 3 that Verizon for sure won't care about rural area, only big city.. Where money is.... Dear robelus, can you shut off and start being more competitive? You know that thing that bring more customers? Crying on the radio don't...
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Actually, at last report, Verizon was looking to buy Wind, who do only have service in major cities (and the GTA corridor). They'll be in the same position of having to build their own towers a $150,000 a pop.