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"Koodo 3G" appears on the top left corner of my iPhone 4 screen instead of "Koodo." Why is that, and what are the differences.


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Nope, there is no difference. The 3G just means you're pretty much connected to the network. When you're connected to Wifi, you will see the "Koodo" and then a sort of signal bar beside it
yes there is a diffrence . When you see Koodo 3G this means that your iphone is connected to the koodo data network (browsing MMS, cellular Data is enabled). When you see Koodo only that means that you're connected to the koodo voice network only (calls and SMS)
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Both answers are right. If WIFI is off or not connected. The 3G appears only when you have both Data enabled and 3G enabled and connected to the network. If WIFI is on and connected. The 3G disappears even if Data is enabled and 3G enabled and connected to the network. It does not mean that 3G is off or not working, it's only that the status bar has a limited amount of space on the iphone and that the WIFI bars are displayed instead of the 3G