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'Joint/Shared' plans?

My mother and I were looking into getting phones and we were browsing other service providers and some of them have a 'Share' plan. My mother doesn't have the best credit and is worried that she is not able to get the iPhone she wanted. So is there any way I can buy the two and have the bill joined into one so my mother and I can half the bill?

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No, each line gets its own plan.... Rogers/Bell/Telus do have "share" plans, but their minimum price for any subsidized iPhone newer than the 4S 8GB is $80/month for the 1st line and then $60/mo for any additional lines. You'll have unlimited calling in Canada on each line so sharing really won't help you there. Plus, it's only 500MB of data that's shared between 2 lines, which iPhones can gobble up pretty quickly. If you want more, you'll have to pay more money. In addition, their credit checks are generally harsher than Koodo's and/or you might be subject to a spending limit program where you'll only be able to get 1 line anyway.
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Koodo does not offer "shared" plans but the same lines under 1 account have unlimited family calling between each other.