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I switched to Koodo about 2 months ago. I have never received any email or print communication regarding my account. To this day, I log in, and it says I have no bill ready. I have received a text saying my account is past due but when I call Koodo, they just tell me it will be resolved in a day or two ( still hasn't been resolved) After a hard 60 days, I think its time to switch back to a carrier with better customer service. This was not worth the $10 a month savings

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This is what I see. When I click view my bill, it takes me to the billing page... but there is no bill. If I click on usage, it goes to a blank page with just colors and no text. I have tried all of the options by myself, and with a Koodo Rep. No resolution. I guess its time to pay this known amount of money for my unknown amount of service used, so it doesn't affect my credit. I was with Koodo 5 years ago, and it was nothing like this.
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It looks to me like your login is still linked to your account from five years ago instead of the new account. I'll flag it to koodo and see if they can have a look.
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@ Justin Here is what I see on the our end. You were with us for a few years but closed your account about 3 years ago. When you joined us again in September we sent you an email to validate your new account. It doesn't look like that was done. 😞 Since you have the same email as before it was linking back to the closed account. That is what seems to cause the problem. When you called it looks like someone offer you a call back with a fix. Did you get that call? If not, shame on us!!! I really hate when that happens. In order to fix things can you pls send us a private message on Facebook? We need to authenticate your account and given this is a public forum we can do it here. Thanks for your understanding!