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Is there an I-phone 5 with 64GB available from Koodo? I can't seem to find one.

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Koodo no longer carries the iPhone 5
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Ahmad wrote:

Koodo no longer carries the iPhone 5

Apple no longer offers the iPhone 5. The 5s is the oldest incarnation available for purchase.

It would be nice if they offered us the 64gb iphone 6 for $229.00 like everyone else.  I am considering switching in order to get the 64. I am not going to pay the $530.oo Koodo is asking for the 6s.
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But the plans on the other carriers to take the phone for that price are much higher, so keep that in mind.
Thx Jonathan,
I have to think about what I should do. I really don't want a 6s or 6plus,but I will see...:)