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is there a way to get a new phone and transfer ur remaining tab to the new phone

lets say i want to get the 5s iphone and my remaining tab for iphone 4 is -106 is there a way i can transfer my remaining tab with the new phone that i want to get?

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Hi Sanam, Unfortunately, no... you'll need to pay off your current Tab before you can purchase a new phone on a new Tab 🙂
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Hey there Sanam! no you would have to pay off the -106 either in store that day or to your next months invoice
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Hey Sanam. It actually makes not difference in the total money you have to spend up front. If you pay off the 106$ then put the iPhone 5s on a tab or if you were to transfer the tab and pay 106$ more for the iPhone 5s up front because your tab is 106$ less. However, due to the CRTC rules about 2 year contracts/tabs, you will have to pay it off first and have a clear and new 2 year tab