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Is there a way to add a 2nd line online without ordering a SIM card?

I bought an iPhone from Apple directly and would like to be added on my partner's account, but he is presently in another town (that is far, far away from any koodo kiosk), so I bought a SIM card at a koodo kiosk in the same mall as I bought the phone. Is there a way to use the self-serve website to activate my iPhone as an additional line on my partner's account using the SIM card I bought today? If not, what is the best approach?

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Provide him all the info on the SIM. He will then need to call Koodo to choose a plan and add you to his account. Koodo removed the Self-serve option to add a SIM due to fraudulent activity, so now it is necessary to call.

An additional KOODO SIM is required.  Plus a new and unique SIM card for $10 is a low cost great deal too.  I hope my advice works well for you!