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is there a difference in coverage areas between telus and koodoo ??

my cheap sllder through telus worked at the cottage but my new fancy Iphone does not. Do I have to enable something?

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Your old phone was probably on the CDMA network and the iPhone runs off the HSPA network which is different and has different coverage than CDMA. Not the best up north
thanks. Wish I had known that before I bought the iphone, I just assumed it would be superior.
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What you can do is purchase a used Koodo cdma phone like the banter by lg. When you know you're going to the cottage transfer your service to the other phone using self serve. When you get back change it back. Not the best scenario but certainly workable. If your current plan is offered in BlackBerry flavor switch to the BlackBerry one and get an old cdma koodo BlackBerry. At least that way you'll have easy access to email. Your iPhone will function fine on those plans when you switch back.