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Is the iPhone 6 only in those colors?

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Hello Misbah.

The colours offered are the one available online!
Thanks! Even in store? 
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In-store might be more limited the online store unfortunately...But you could always try by giving them a call to the store but I'm almost 100% sure it's the same colours 
Do you know how long it takes to restock? 
Thank you for your answers! Much appreciated!
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It's not about stock level, it's simply the only ones Koodo offers. If you want a color not offered, you'll have to purchase it outright from Apple, a third party like Kijiji/eBay, or switch to another provider.
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Hey Misbah! The iPhone 6 16gb  http://koo.do/1TLGZj9 is only available in Space Grey at Koodo. As Jonathan mentioned, you can purchase an unlocked phone to use with Koodo if you're looking for another color.  Each store has their own inventory and only they can inform you how long it would take to restock if none are left. I invite you to contact the store directly to ask them if they have any in stock before going.  You can find their contact information here -> http://koo.do/1YM8LhV . Hope this helps!