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Is Koodo going to be getting the iPhone 6?

I'm needing a new phone nearly immediately and I want to upgrade to the iPhone 6 (from 4s) as soon as I can. Also, the 16gb can be very limiting on my current phone. Also, its been very frustrating with no colour options on other high-end phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Please can Koodo get the new iPhones, and in a larger capacity?

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they wont get the larger capacity ones trust me based off current history they only offer the lowest storage. Koodo is "budget brand" that doesnt get alot of flagship phones. As for colours its up to koodo to decide you could always buy an iphone 6 outright and bring it to koodo.
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Hi Brianna, Koodo will more than likely be getting the new iPhone when it is available to other cell phone providers, as things have shown in the past with Koodo they more than likely will only supply the 16GB variants of either phone (granted Koodo gets the iPhone 6 Plus). As far as colors are concerned, that is entirely up to what Koodo wants to stock for their devices, unfortunately they're normally only in one or two color options. Hope this helps 🙂
It seems pretty much, you want the higher capacity, you buy it outright from Apple. That also has the benefit of it being unlocked right from the get go. This also would be a good time for Koodo to implement NFC enabled sim cards, in order to be able to support Apple Pay.