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Is it possible to transfer number from old line to new line?

Hi I just added a new phone and a new line to my account and I should get the phone in the mail soon. I just have a question, is it possible to transfer my current number to the new line? And put my husbands prepaid number onto the old line. All numbers are with koodo

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Hi Lizzabeth, you can take your SIM Card out of the old phone and put it into the new phone and have your number and old plan on the new phone but you cant transfer your number to the new plan. You can also port your husband's old number to the new account if you wish yes.
You can transfer your number to another provider, and then transfer back into the new line/plan. For this one, you don't need help from anyone at Koodo. Then, they have the ability to reactivate your old line and assign it a new number. Would they do it? I don't know. TELUS does it. I never talked to Koodo customer service over the phone. Keep your expectations low if you decide to do the second part.