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Is it easy to switch from a prepaid account to a postpaid if you have shitty credit and can it be done online??

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You're best off to visit a Koodo kiosk Elise, they will be able to talk things over with you. It's probably possible to get postpaid, but you'd be put on a plan with a spending cap and some restrictions for a while 🙂
Thanks Sophia 🙂 I like the thought of a spending cap 🙂
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Hi Elise, Thanks for visiting the community. The only way to check would be by doing a credit check when you come in to a kiosk. However, if you know you have a less than satisfactory credit. You may be placed on the $200 spending limit program with or without tab. Which will be lifted off after 12 months of continous payment and you'll have access to the full tab.
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An important part about the spending limit is this includes billed and unbilled charges - if these go above the $200 limit then your phone is automatically suspended. So you know, Koodo does not expect you to know exactly how much you are spending all of the time, and they will send you a message saying that you are approaching your spending limit When you go into a kiosk make sure you bring 2 pieces of picture ID as well as something that has your current address (ie. hydro bill). They will run a credit check on you if you are able to get phone service with koodo and about the spending limit - don't worry about the credit check - I declared bankruptcy and so I also had lousy credit, but was still able to get a postpaid account. I can't say one way or the other with you but I do know that it is possible to get a postpaid account with lousy credit Good luck Elise Also, if you are able to get a postpaid account, what you can do is port your number from the prepaid account so that you can keep the same phone number if you like - just tell the people at the kiosk that you want to keep the same number