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Is it a better deal to stick with an old plan or switch to a cheaper new plan (lose the positive tab credit and 10% discount)? Tab paid off.

Is it a better deal to stick with an old plan or switch to a cheaper new plan but lose the positive tab credit and 10% discount? Our tab is paid off.

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Hamburger or chicken burger? Fries or onion rings?

Only you can make that decision, based on the costs you would have, and whether you would make use of the accumulating TAB to buy a new phone in the future.  I often build a spreadsheet to run the numbers when faced with such a conundrum, but it is pretty simple to run the numbers on paper.

If your current plan meets your needs, sticking with it MIGHT be the best option. If the new shock-free data plans are of interest, then a switch may make sense.

As always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

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BTW, plan change doesn't lose your positive tab you already have.
Yes, you lose accumulate tab if it's not reached max yet, and 10% discount as well.

You should look into data overage charge too. (Your current plan should have much better overage rate)
Check your usage and compare plans between your current plan and new one in total 🙂
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I'd advise you to look at your cellular usage over the past year. Take note of the average monthly usage, as well as any periods of increased usage. Then compare how such usage would affect your bottom line if you had a newer, cheaper plan. Would you be paying overages? If so, how often? Then subtract this from your annual savings with the cheaper plan.