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Is iPhone SE from Koodo locked to Koodo?

Would like to find out the promotion on iPhone SE, if I take the promotion and get the phone, does it locked to Koodo/Telus network?  Can I use it on other carrier (oversea, assuming frequency is good with SE)?

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Hi Vinny, yes it's locked to koodo but after 3 months having it on an active Koodo account you can have Koodo unlock it for you for $50. Once unlocked it can be used on other compatible carriers though yes.
After December 1st you will be able to get it unlocked for free and all phones in Canada will then come unlocked out the box. You can also have it unlocked through a 3rd Party unlocking service such as gsmliberty.com or Cellunlocker.Net but it will be at leary twice the price of having Koodo unlock it since its an iPhone.