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Is a Koodo gigabyte smaller than any other network's?!?!

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So I am a fairly regular user of data on my phone back home (in the UK) - Google Maps, web, Facebook, various apps etc. Not much video. My usual monthly usage is under 1Gb of data. Just been on vacation in Canada and bought a prepaid Koodo SIM with 1Gb data and put it into an old iPhone to use as a hotspot. I was horrified to find that we blazed through 1Gb in under 2 days! Topped up another 1Gb - same again. And again. I tried making sure all extraneous apps were closed before going to bed at night, tried turning off the hotspot overnight etc but still found we were burning through 1Gb data in a couple of days, even though our usage was similar to back home. How can this be so? Is a Koodo gigabyte a fraction of the size of a UK gigabyte? is there a poor Canadian-UK "exchange rate" for data at the moment? Yes I am joking about that but at $30 per gigabyte this is no joking matter. Any comments?

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no, a GIgabyte, is a Gigabyte. Hotspots will use alot more data than usual. What were you connecting to it? a PC , if so thats why your burning thru data super fast.
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Go to Settings>Data and see which apps are suckng your data. I would assume it would be hotspot overnight (photo back ups when plugged in and connect to wifi hotspot), but if you are saying the same issue occurs when hotspot is off, then it must be something that is updating in the background of your old iphone.
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When using a computer there's a lot of background running apps. Antivirus data base update. Chrome syncing. E-mails coming in. Windows update. Google drive or Dropbox sync. Like everyone said, there's no way to control that usage.
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FYI: With all the free wifi spots available I fail to see the need to create a hot spot using your mobile.
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grampad wrote:

FYI: With all the free wifi spots available I fail to see the need to create a hot spot using you...

Limited range. If you're mobile, (e.g. driving around in a car), free Wi-Fi hotspots signals aren't strong enough to follow you around.
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The culprit is probably [i]"and put it into an [b]old iPhone to use as a [b]hotspot."

If your iOS was not up-to-date, that would account for a lot of unwanted background traffic. And as long as the PC was connected, it probably felt free to do its usual updates as well.

Any graphics your PC might use while connected could be up to 10x more data intensive than mobile versions.

I used my mobile as a hotspot for about 1/2 hour just to check emails on my PC and burned through 30 MB.

Not justifying the pricing of data in Canada, but at least it was prepaid, so your damage was theoretically limited to $30.