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Is 8 GB enough for an iphone?

I've been trying to do some research on iphones and the 8GB. I was all set to purchase the 16GB 5C iphone. But now that the iphone 6 is out, the 16GB 5C option has disappeared and there is only have the 8GB. I honestly cannot afford the 6 or the 5S and I don't want the fingerprinting option on the 5S anyway. So if I have to only go with the 8GB 5C, I'm wondering if the community can advise whether it's enough memory? I listen to some music from itunes and I don't keep photos very long on my phone...however, I have been making do with a Galaxy Ace with only 270MB for the last few years and I might be more tempted to keep photos and actually take videos if there is enough room. 8GB seems huge to me, but I've been told because of the retina display that 8GB won't last long...so disappointed to not have the 5C 16 GB with a tab.

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Hi Kimberly, To be honest, if you plan on keeping the phone for 1+ year, I highly recommend getting the 16GB at the very least, especially if you want to start taking videos. Additionally, if you are going to buy an iPhone, it would be a shame to not enjoy it's full features (i.e. extensive app ecosystem, photos, books, etc.) due to a lack of storage space. Keep in mind that future iOS updates will also eat into the allocated space. If budget is a key factor, I'd also recommend taking a look at Kijiji. You can typically find some good deals and well-cared for preowned devices. Hope this helps and good luck!
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I'd also suggest checking out the many less expensive yet just as wonderful smartphones that Koodo offers. Some even have higher specs then the new iphone (or even some old ones) for instance the Moto G has the same specs as an iphone but comes in at 150$. (the camera isnt great on the Moto G so be warned)

The Alcatel Idol x+ has eight cores and a 13mp camera. It also has expandable storage and a true HD screen. 300$ brings that home.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your new device
Android / Samsung has come very far since your Ace

Sent from my Alcatel Idol x+
Thanks Peter, I had suspected that would likely be the answer. So maybe I need to find a way to bend and go for the 5S 16GB somehow. I always try to keep my phones for at least 3 years, even without a contract. The idea of getting a used iphone makes me nervous as I've been reading about why iphones don't need an antivirus software, but used phones can sometimes be "jailbroken" which can make them more vulnerable. But then, I don't claim to be tech savvy, so I could be taking that too seriously or out of context.
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Hi Kimberly, Definitely take a look at Chad's response if you're open to getting something other than a iPhone. In regards to jailbroken iPhones, you can 'reverse' this process by simply restoring the software through iTunes, so no worries there. In fact, the seller would most likely restore the phone to factory settings before they sell this to you. Also, I would recommend trying to get a used phone that is still covered by Applecare+. This would then give you some piece of mind should anything go wrong. Hope this helps!
HI Chad, Yes I have considered that too...but I have an ipad at home (wifi only) and I like how simple it is to access Facebook, email and itunes and share photos etc. I worry about virus vulnerability with my Galaxy and it doesn't access my itunes well at all. I have really not had a good relationship with my android and I'm ready to try an apple product for a few year. But maybe that's just because it is an Ace. When I do get around to getting anew phone I tend to go to my local Best Buy to get a good overview of all my options and feedback on what's available, so i'm still open to not getting the iphone. I'll take a look at the Alcatel.
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Kimberly Mistysyn wrote:

HI Chad, Yes I have considered that too...but I have an ipad at home (wifi only) and I like how ...

Alcatel also has a two yr warranty. Just sayin
Kimberly Mistysyn wrote:

HI Chad, Yes I have considered that too...but I have an ipad at home (wifi only) and I like how ...

LOL...OK Chad, I'm almost sold on that...would certainly save me a ton of money...I'll make sure I take a look when i'm in the store and compare the two options.
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All depends on how much you want to load on it. I've have the iPhone 4s 8 GB for about 6 months and still have over 300 GB left. But then I don't download vids on it or music. If you want to do those use those types of media you probably would be better with the higher GB phones.