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iPhone X Preorder Verification?

So I ordered the iPhone X signing up as a new customer, credit check and everything went through and the website advertised the phone will be shipped on November 2nd, which is the sole reason I chose to go with Koodo, as other companies and Apple were showing weeks. The other models (256GB SG) were showing later dates, but the one I ordered (64GB SG) says release day shipping. Now, in the confirmation email, it says that my order is being verified. Does this still mean I will get the advertised ship date for the model I ordered? How long will the verification for a new line/account take? I ordered solely for the ship date, and if I don't get that ship date due to 'verification' or any other issues, I'll be very upset. Any insight? Thank you

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For a more specific date try contacting customer service they should have the answers you need more accurately!
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You can provide your order number for a rep to look here but usually you don't get notified at all until it ships. You can of course instead send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter with your order number as well.
That is what all Koodo order confirmation emails say. No need to contact anybody and waste time. If there is something wrong, you will hear from Koodo. If it is all good, you will get a shipping confirmation email whenever the phone ships.