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IPhone won't pick up service since crossing the border (back home into Canada)

my phone says "searching" for service or "no service" since I came home over the border last night. it had no issue picking up American service while I was down there. I've encountered this same thing before and I had to turn the phone off and on but I've tried that several times and not working, any thoughts? it still picks up wifi.

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Try turning it off, get the SIM card out, and then turn it back on. If it's still not working, try giving a call to Custommer Service
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If what Robert suggests doesnt work go into network settings and force select koodo.
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Sometimes when travelling long distances it takes a while for the system to find you because it's still looking for you where you were rather than where you are. You can usually speed up the process by refreshing you connection by turning airplane mode on then off. Koodo's tech support can also help speed up the process if you think it's worth the call.