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what happens when I turn my aiplane mode on if I have already put my account on seasonnal. I want to use it for message and the web in the US. Will I be charge for roaming fees....

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It's likely that your phone won't even connect to a network unless it's over wifi.
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Seasonal hold = no service You can use wifi to send iMessage to iPhone only and wifi aswell for web navigation. You don't even need to turn on airplane mode since seasonal hold is a "premium" permanent airplane mode!
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Removing the SIM is always better than airplane mode due to the fact that it is easy to accidentally hit that button. Koodo offers Seasonal Hold which is 15$ a month and suspends your phone while keeping your account active. The only thing is that if you have an expired plan, you will have to pick a new one when you come back.
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As long as you keep it in airplane mode, there should be no charges. It will act as a iPod. Depends on how long you are gone, it might be worthwhile to actually switch to seasonal hold.