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iPhone voicemail problem.

I have an issue with voicemail using an iPhone 5s (prepaid}. When I receive a voicemail and and hit the voicemail icon the phone immediately dials the voodoo voicemail service. Previously I was sent to a page with a list of recent voicemails so that I could tell who was calling and if I wanted to return the call. Any suggestions how to return to that previous process.

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Are you talking about a list of recent or missed calls on your phone app?
Thanks for the replies. The problem that I am having is with calls that I have missed and people have left a message on voicemail. When I first got the iphone, checking voicemail would take me to a page with a list of voicemails that I could listen to or ignore if I chose. Now when I go to voicemail the phone immediately dials koodoo, I am asked for my password and am then connected to the voicemail. This often can be redundant if there are multiple messages from the same person, or if I have already spoken to the caller. As for visual voicemail, this sounds like what I am looking for. However Koodoo support says it is not available for prepaid customers. None the less, it was a service I had on my phone until recently.