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iPhone system services draining data

I have an iPhone 5s. I have turned off wi-fi assist and "use cellular data" for everything that gives me that option. System services has used all my data and now Koodo has turned off data. "Exchange Accounts" is the largest culprit at 60.1 MB. Very frustrated with not being able to control my data usage and understand how this is happening. Please HELP!

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Hi Adrian,Exchange accounts would fall under e-mail accounts you have configured. Have you checked if those are set to update automatically?
How do I check that? Is that "Mail days to sync"?
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Exchange accounts are notorious for data consumption. But if you feel that 60 MB is a large portion of your consumption, you may be wise to choose a larger plan, or set your email to only update when you are on Wi-Fi, or on demand. You can set each application to access cellular data or not in Settings > Cellular > (Mail)