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iphone se 32 gb with tab?

I am looking at buying the iphone se 32 gb. I have $150 tab credit on my account but it doesnt show the option to pay with the tab, it only gives the option to pay it out fully. If I switch to 128gb then it allows me the tab medium but I don't need that much space and would rather the smaller and cheaper phone. Any ideas? 

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I would come to a Koodo Shop to get your phone or contact the Koodo Online Store.
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I just checked and tab medium options shows for me. Once you're logged in and it's still not giving g you the option then I'd contact Koodo via Facebook messager or DM via Twitter to get around it. Personally if you're going to have the phone for a couple years I'd just opt for the 128gb. 32 with no expandable storage can fill up rather quick.
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Once you are logged in, you will still need to get an entire new tab for the phone. You can't buy it outright online since it won't be using the tab. If you want to do a partial payment (say place 150$ on the tab, and pay the remainder right away) you will need to be in the Kiosk for that.
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If you have a $150 tab credit, you need to make sure you are logged into your account before you start choosing your phone