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iPhone SE 128GB

  • 19 December 2020
  • 3 replies

Want to upgrade to iPhone SE 128GB. Out of stock (online) every time I check. Will you be getting more stock of this device? Red or Black. 

3 replies

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When it comes to stock issues its one of those things where no one really knows until more appears on the site. The good news is, the SE is a relatively new phone and since it only says out of stock and hasn't just been removed from the site then I'd say there most likely will be some soon.

But also, the way Apple has been with their shipments it could be awhile. If you're looking at taking advantage of a current promotion I would call around to your local koodo stores and see if they have stock they can sell you so that you don't miss out in any deals!

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@theflynnsterabides We just got some stock of the black and red! It is available now. I just checked. 

Thanks! Just ordered a Red 128GB 🙂