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iphone problems.

so i just bought a brand new iphone. its pnly three weeks old. not even. and the other night when i was chargeing my phone and the back of it was so hot. and trhis morning i only used it for 45minutes and it died!! whats wrong with it, and how much will it coast to get it fixed

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It's still under warranty I assume, if so I would contact AppleCare http://www.apple.com/ca/support/products/iphone.html
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Hi there Tori... If you are within 14 days of purchase you can go to the store and return your phone for exchange or refund, if you purchased your phone in the Koodo shop and your phone is defective (the store will verify that) then your phone can be exchanged for the same model, this is known as DOA (Defective on Arrival) only within 30 days of purchase for this option.