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iphone plans more expensive

  • 19 June 2019
  • 5 replies

I have two phones with koodo. An iphone and Samsung. Why cant I get unlimited canada wide calling with the iPhone but I can with the Samsung? When I go to the iphone account I only have an option of paying 30 dollars morethan I do now to get it but with the samsung I only pay 50.

5 replies

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Do you have a tab that needs to be paid off in full before you can switch to a lesser plan on that line with the iPhone.
I'm trying to increase my plan. I owe tabs on both. Yet the Samsung I can get whatever I want. Theres just no option given for the iphone. I'm now paying an extra 30 dollars more just for unlimited calling where I get the same for 55 with the samsung
When I look at the options to change the plan for the Samsung.. it's cheaper
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Which Samsung model and iPhone model were you looking at getting?

If you're looking at something like the iPhone 8 or Samsung S9 you could take it either as the following:
$80 + $20/month
$55 + $15/month + $150 upfront

If you took an iPhone 7 or Samsung S8 instead you would pay:
$55 + $15/month + $0 upfront

It's not that Apple is more expensive, it's that you're choosing a more expensive phone.
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Are you sure that you're not confusing the tab S-M and L-XXL price points? You can still get any iPhone on tab M, which wouldn't kick in the 25 dollar more expensive large + plans.