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iPhone is not connected to there internet

I just switched to Koodo, my cellular service was working fine before. But after my transfer, my cellular isn't working anymore. I have 1GB data with my plan and also my cellular service is on for my iPhone. Please help

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Was the iPhone unlocked? What generation iPhone is it? Make sure cellular data is turned on? Also try resetting network settings and resetting carrier data settings. You can also try attaching the phone to a computer running iTunes to force it to update the carrier settings.
Mine is an iPhone 6 unlocked, I have my cellular data turned on. I did reset all the setting, still doesn't seem to be working. My phone was totally working fine before I switch to Koodo
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Connect to Wi-Fi and open Safari. Go to "unlock it.co.nz". Select Canada as your country, Koodo as your carrier, and then select "create APN". Install that profile onto your phone. Try browsing the internet or using apps on your data again.
Thanks for the replies. Have my profile set up by creating APN from unlock it.co.nz Still not getting Internet from data. 😞
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Hello David,

If you transferred your number to Koodo, some services may take some time to be completely operational.

If this issue persists, please give us a call so that we may access your account and do the proper troubleshooting. You can call us at 611 or 1-866-995-6636 (option 6). It’s preferable to call from another phone.

Let us know what happens 🙂
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Another thing to try is reboot the phone after putting in the APN profile. After that I'm not really sure what else could be wrong. If calls and texts work there's no reason why data wouldn't too, unless the iPhone was 2G only, but that's impossible since Koodo only has 3G and up. Your best is to call in tech support and see what they can help with.