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iphone is easy to use but what other cell phone that is also is easy to use because I'm looking to change to buy a new cell phone

I have a 4S iphone

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Hello James.

If you bought an iPhone I'd stick with iPhone personally. It's the easiest possible. If not, I find every phone easy to use. Depends what are your needs.
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I also agree with Robert.The iPhone will be the easiest phone for you to use at this point. in general, it's the 'simplest' phone to use but if you're already used to iPhones, then I'd stick with them. Switching from iPhone to Android will only confuse you.
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Just to add-on to what Ahmad and Robert said, iPhones are the easiest, android let's you customize more and have the phone your own way. However, it's a lot easier for you to brick your phone if you try to do too advanced things. Also, if you used iMessages then it might cause you a little headache when switching to Android from iOS.